National Night Out Against Crime

    National Night Out Against Crime    
    Tuesday, August 2nd    
    Pacific Beach    

    Turn Your Porch Light On in Solidarity and Read On to Find Out What Else You Can Do    


Join people all over the country in observing this night of awareness and acknowledgement:
Neighbors working together have the power to rid their neighborhoods of crime!

When neighbors get to know each other, keep their eyes and ears open to what goes on in the neighborhood, and report suspicious and criminal activities, they are able to thwart crime and improve quality of life. The police cannot be everywhere, but with the help of vigilant community members, the police can target their efforts and be more effective in catching and deterring criminals.

What You Can Do:

  • Turn your Porch Light On August 2nd
  • Get to know your neighbors
  • Be observant in your neighborhood and community
  • Take the time to report crimes and suspicious activities
  • Don’t be afraid to contact your local police captain and lieutenant
  • Consider forming a Neighborhood Watch group so you can easily communicate with your neighbors (email for more information)
  • Print the 3 handouts attached to help you solve problems effectively:
    1) Problem Solver Directory
    2) How to Get Rid of Crime and Nuisances in Your Neighborhood
    3) How to Deal with Noisy Bars (and other related nuisances)

In the last 6 years, as a result of active citizens working together, we have seen tremendous improvements in our wonderful community of Pacific Beach.

But we must not become complacent. Remember:
Working Together We ARE Powerful and We CAN Solve Problems in Our Community
Click on this link to find out more about National Night Out activities around the country

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