Help Raise $6,000 for Our Police Department

Our police need better equipment to improve their impact.    

    Help Raise $6,000 for Our Police Department    
to purchase Nine Police Bicycle Light, Siren and Bag Systems
and equip Northern Division & Beach Team Bicycles
You can help by donating funds for a portion of or, to buy a complete system.*

This equipment will be presented at the

    31ST ANNUAL P.A.E.S.A.N.    
    Community Police and Emergency Services Appreciation Night    
PAESAN is a unique community barbecue & awards ceremony created
to honor emergency and park service workers in Pacific Beach.

We invite you to attend to honor all PAESAN officers

Wednesday, September 28, 2011 5:00 7:30pm  $5/person
Crown Point Rotary Pavilion on Crown Point Dr. at Moorland Dr.

    PAESAN is brought to you through combined efforts of the Pacific Beach Town Council in partnership with OMBAC, Soroptimist, PB Woman’s Club and Mission Bay Rotary    

You can get tickets or donate three ways including: in person at

our office (call first), by mail or, on our website at

Pacific Beach Town Council

c/o: PAESAN Police Bike Lights
1706 Garnet Ave. San Diego CA 92109

Your taxdeductible donation will be accepted and acknowledged by the San Diego Police Foundation and/or PTBC. Additional donations are being accepted at PAESAN which will be divided equally between other PAESAN agencies and the PB Town Council.

*Each complete bicycle setup (not including bike) costs approximately $600 and includes: high‐visibility, rechargeable‐powered front and rear police lights, high db siren, hand controls, rear rack and police bag.

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