Proposed School Closures and Consolidations

Dear SavePB Member,

Do You Know the Proposed Closure/Relocation Plans for PB Schools?

  1. Close Bayview Terrace Elementary and Move Crown Point Junior Music Academy (CPJMA)to the Bayview Terrace site (across street from Mission Bay High School)
  2. Merge PB Middle School with Mission Bay High School to create a grade 6 -12 IB Academy at the Mission Bay High School site. (Close the PB Middle School site.)

Important Meetings this week:

Tuesday, October 25, 5:00 pm, School Board meeting at 4100 Normal Street (in auditorium)

Wednesday, October 26, 6:30 pm, PB Planning Group, at PB Library (4275 Cass St.)

Read this email for more information about the proposed school closures and consolidations, the upcoming meetings, and how you can take action.

Because of severe budget issues and a proposed drastic reduction in busing, the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) is considering the closure and/or consolidation of 10 to 14 schools in the district.

Here are a few of the concerns that have been raised over the proposals for PB schools:

1) CPJMA is a very successful program and moving it may undermine the program.

2) Moving CPJMA will leave southern PB without a neighborhood elementary school

3) Traffic congestion on Grand Avenue will be exacerbated by the addition of CPJMA and PBMS traffic to the already congested MBHS area.

4) Middle school students will be less likely to walk or bike to school if their campus is moved from its central location to the MBHS site.

5) Merger of high school and middle school will leave insufficient room for the high school enrollment necessary to sustain the high school IB curriculum

6) What will happen to closed sites?

7) PB schools are being targeted for 2 of the 10 closures. According to the Closure Committee’s own rankings, PBMS and CPJMA rank too high to be considered for closure or consolidation.

What You Can Do:

+ Read on to find out more about the issues and the pros and cons.

Click these links to see:

The MB Cluster Committee’s analysis of the SDUSD plan:

The SDUSD Plan

  • Email your comments to the Board of Education (see email addresses below)
  • Attend Tuesday, October 25, Board of Education meeting and voice your concerns
  • Attend Wednesday, October 26, PB Planning Group meeting and voice your concerns
  • Share this email with neighbors and friends

Email addresses for School Board Trustees Scott Barnett, John Lee Evans, Kevin Beiser, Richard Barrera and Shelia Jackson (elected by voters district-wide) and Phil Stover (Head of Closure Committee):;;;;;

The School Board plans to consider the proposal again on November 29 and take a final vote on December 13, 2011.

Below is  a forwarded email with more info and links you may want to know.

From: Debbie O’Toole []
Sent: Sunday, October 23, 2011 9:27 PM
Subject: Budget and School Closures


There are two board meetings this Thursday, October 25th. The first meeting begins at 9:30 AM in Room 2226. Here  is the agenda. They will discuss goals for student achievement. Then they will move to the auditorium for a budget discussion. Here  is a year over year comparison. Sadly, it is difficult to read.

The closed session meeting begins at 2:00 PM. Here is the agenda.

Their regular meeting begins at 5:00 PM, in the Auditorium.

Here is the agenda. Ironically the Crown Point Jr. Music Academy is performing for the board. They are one of the schools the board will discuss closing next year. More on that in a minute. There will be a discussion on the process of a State takeover if the district becomes insolvent. There are currently no documents for this agenda item.

Here is a link to this month’s financial report.

Here is another financial report you may find interesting, including possible solutions for mid-year cuts (they are not too detailed).

Here is a potential Transportation plan.

Now onto the school closures…here <$file/REVISED%20School%20Realignment%20Update%20Presentation%2010-25-11.pdf> is the presentation. Page three lists the schools identified for the first round of closures and page five shows schools that could show up on a second round if they find it necessary. This is a difficult situation, as no one wants to see their school closed. Now is the time to speak up and voice your opinion. Expect the media and a big crowd at this meeting. Here<> is the speaker sign up form. Send in on Monday if you wish to speak. Parking can be difficult. You are allowed to park at the New Vision Christian Fellowship at 4358 Park Blvd, across from Birney Elementary. If you can’t make the meeting, you can watch here

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