Tell City Council What You Think about Vacation Rentals!

Please Come to this Important Meeting on Short-term Vacation Rentals!

City Council – Smart Growth and Land Use Committee Meeting
Wednesday, April 22, 8:30am to noon
City Administration Bldg.
202 C Street, 92101
(12th Floor, City Council Chambers)

This City Council Committee needs to hear from residents about how vacation rentals impact our community and our quality of life, and how we want them regulated.
The Committee will be discussing and voting on ways to regulate short-term (less than 30 days) vacation rentals. This Committee is composed of 4 Council Members: Chair Lorie Zapf, David Alvarez, Todd Gloria, and Scott Sherman. This is the beginning of a process that will eventually result in proposed ordinances being brought to the full City Council.

Link to Agenda:

What You Can Do:
* Come to the meeting to show your concern. Speak if you wish.
* Email your comments to City Officials (email address block below)
* Forward this email to friends and neighbors
* Visit to get more information
* Review the City’sIndependent Budget Analysis on Short-Term Rentals

We know it’s a hardship to take time off from work to attend a meeting like this. However, it is really important for City Council Members to hear how vacation rentals affect us and the community. So, please come to the meeting and bring your neighbors. If you cannot attend, please make sure to email your comments to City Officials.

Email your comments to the Mayor, City Council, City Attorney and Liezl Mangonon (Lorie Zapf’s aide), and keep sending comments in the weeks and months to come.;;;;;;;;;;;

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