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  • There are no regular meetings or specific time commitments to be a SavePB.org member, just a love for Pacific Beach and a desire to make it better. 
  • Our goal is to keep you informed about community issues and effective grassroots actions that can lead to solutions.
  • Please join our email list, and stay informed.

SavePB.org is a group of Pacific Beach residents working together to solve community problems and to promote safety, awareness, respect and enrichment in our community. The group is organized to provide resources and help to individuals and families who may have a problem or a concern in their neighborhood and would like assistance to help them solve this problem.

On neighborhood issues, we help individuals find, access and communicate with the appropriate agency or find the correct resource to solve the problem.  We have many solutions on our Problem Solving Directory.

Starting or joining a Neighborhood Watch is a great way for neighbors to get together to solve neighborhood problems and improve the community.  More about this organization is available on our Neighborhood Watch link.

On community-wide issues, we will inform our members about the issues and use our strength in numbers to correspond with public officials and agencies to bring about solutions and improvements.  More about the problems that some of our members are working on can be found on our Issues link.

Accomplishments – SavePB members have played a critical role in:

  •       Rejuvenating and expanding Neighborhood Watch
  •       Alcohol-free beaches
  •       Replacing the PB Block Party with special events that benefit and showcase PB
  •       Arranging Candidate Forums and survey
  •       Community clean-ups
  •       Stopping Mini-dorms in PB
  •       Bringing workshops to residents, e.g. “How to get rid of Neighborhood Nuisances”
  •       And much more…

Signing up for our list involves no obligations or duties on your part. This list will not be shared with anyone else.  Join our email list now

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