Important Meeting on Vacation Rentals!

Please Come to Important Meeting on Vacation Rentals!
So many people came to the April 22 meeting that they didn’t have time to hear all speakers, so they are continuing the meeting…

City Council – Smart Growth & Land Use Committee
Friday, May 29, 1:00 to 5:00 pm

Golden Hall (Copper Room)
Adjacent to City Administration Bldg.
202 C Street, 92101

Thank you to all who took time to attend the April 22nd meeting, send an email, make a phone call, and/or spread the word. At the meeting, there were hundreds of people, both for and against vacation rentals – so many that not all speakers had time to speak before the meeting ended.

On May 29, first to speak will be those who submitted speaker slips on April 22 but did not get to speak. NEW SPEAKERS will be allowed too. (Those who spoke on April 22 will not get to speak on May 29, but it is important for you to come again to show your support!)

It is Critical that Residents show up in force on May 29! It will have a big impact on how the City Council votes!

Everyone who cares about this issue should attend. Please bring neighbors and friends too!

See information on parking and transportation at bottom of email.

What You Can Do:
* Come to the meeting to show your concern. Speak if you wish.
* Email your comments to City Officials
* Forward this email to friends and neighbors
* Visit to get more information


Important Information about Meeting:
Arrive early for best parking and seating options

Public Comment: Due to the large turn-out expected, speakers will be limited to 1 minute each. You can have more time if other people fill out a slip and “cede” their time to you. Speaker slips are available at the back of the room and must be filled out and placed in the “Speaker Slip” box near the speakers podium.
Security: You will be going through metal detectors in the lobby, so no knives, scissors, etc.

Transportation: If you drive, try to carpool. The 30 bus goes directly from Pacific Beach to a block from City Hall. Or you can catch the trolley at Linda Vista or Old Town and get off at the Santa Fe Depot and walk a few blocks to City Hall (or transfer to the trolley that goes to City Hall).

Parking: There are numerous surface parking lots in the area that charge $10-15 a day. The Community Concourse and Civic Center Parking structures are very close and charge $18 a day (take Front Street offramp from I-5, turn left on ‘A’ Street, go past First Avenue and then turn right into parking structure.

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