About Us

SavePB.org is a group of Pacific Beach residents working together to solve community problems and to promote safety, awareness, respect and enrichment in our community.

SavePB.org’s goal is to inform residents about community issues and how to take effective action to bring about solutions.  For localized issues, our Problem Solver Directory is a great resource that helps individuals to identify and communicate with appropriate agencies or officials to solve problems.

SavePB.org was founded in 2005 by five Pacific Beach residents, Marcella Teran, Scott Chipman, Suzanne Landa, Marcie Beckett and Monica Green, who continue to be the SavePB.org Core Team.

Join our e-mail list so that we can keep you informed on current issues in the community.  This involves no obligations or duties on your part. This list will not be shared with anyone else.

Neighborhood Watch is a great way for residents to work together to solve problems.