Attention: All Who Love Pacific Beach and Want to Make it Safer and Better!

Rally and Walk for a Safer PB
Friday, January 27, 5:30 pm

Meet on the Ocean Boardwalk just south of Crystal Pier
(Walk should be finished by 6:30 pm)

It’s a new year and looking back over the last few years, it is clear that Pacific Beach has made tremendous strides toward reaching its full potential as the gem of San Diego that we all know it is.   However, problems in our business district have always been at the top of our SavePB surveys, and we believe 2012 is the year we will finally be able to fix those problems.  Here is an event that will get us on our way toward achieving that goal!

If you have ever been concerned about:

  • Too many bars
  • Too many DUI
  • And high crime

In our PB business district, this is a MUST ATTEND event! Continue reading

Pacific Beach Planning Group has released a new report on Alcohol Issues

The Pacific Beach Planning Group has released a new report that is the culmination of more than a year of extensive research and explains everything about:

Alcohol License Policies and Issues in Pacific Beach

Click the link to view the report:

In this report you will find answers to these questions and much, much more:
– How can we help good restaurants get alcohol licenses without adding negative impacts?
– How many alcohol licenses are there in PB and how many are allowed?
– Is there a connection between concentration of alcohol licenses and crime?
– How have restaurant and bar operations in PB changed over time?
– What are the roles of ABC, the police and the public in issuing licenses and enforcing the law?
– What solutions have been successful in other communities facing similar problems?

This report was released in February and the PB Planning Group voted to forward the report’s recommendations on to the city. Since then, the PB Planning Group has come under fierce attack and has received written complaints and threats of legal action.

What You Can Do:
– Review this report and share it with your friends and neighbors
– Come to the April 27th PB Planning Group Meeting, 6:30 pm, at PB Library
– Send your comments to the PB Planning Group, Council Member Kevin Faulconer and Mayor Jerry Sanders