Mission Bay Park is a great park – And with your input it will be even better!  

De Anza Revitalizaiton Plan Meeting
April 14th  6-8 PM
Mission Bay High School
The City’s Planning Department and local groups are working on future plans for Mission Bay Park.  This is the 4th meeting in a series of Ad Hoc meetings held by the City’s De Anza Revitalization Plan project team**.  This meeting will include discussion of the existing conditions and issues and constraints for natural resources and other environmental conditions.  
These local organizations will also present their plans:

Mission Bay Gateway Project
Rewild Mission  Bay   
Campland on the Bay
There will be time at the end of the meeting for public comment (3 minutes per speaker)

**The City of San Diego Park Planning Section is responsible for the planning of park and recreational policies and standards consistent with the Recreational Element of the City’s General Plan (2008). The policies and standards define how to preserve, protect, acquire, develop, operate, maintain, and enhance public recreation opportunities and facilities throughout the City for all users. Recreational facilities include neighborhood and community park facilities, resource-based parks, and open space lands.    
De Anza Revitalization meetings and topic schedule:

Vacation Rentals Mtg – Thursday, Dec 3, 9:00 am at City Planning Commission

Please Come to Important Meeting on Vacation Rentals! 
Tell the City Planning Commission how Vacation Rentals are affecting you and your neighborhood and how they should be regulated!

San Diego City Planning Commission
Thursday, Dec 3, 9:00 am

Golden Hall (Copper Room)
Adjacent to City Administration Bldg.
202 C Street, 92101

This is one of the final meetings that will decide whether Short-term Vacation Rentals will be regulated or not regulated in our neighborhoods.
It is Critical that Residents show up in force on Dec 3!  The Planning Commission vote will have great influence on the upcoming final City Council decision!
Everyone who cares about this issue should attend.  Please bring neighbors and friends too! 
See information on parking and transportation at bottom of email.

What You Can Do:

  • Come to the meeting to show your concern.  Speak if you wish.
  • Email your comments to City Officials (email address block below)
  • Forward this email to friends and neighbors
  • Visit SaveSanDiegoNeighborhoods.org to get sign a petition and get more information


Email your comments to the Mayor, City Council, City Attorney and Liezl Mangonon (Lorie Zapf’s aide), and keep sending comments in the weeks and months to come. (copy and paste the following emails)

kevinfaulconer@sandiego.gov; sherrilightner@sandiego.gov; loriezapf@sandiego.gov; toddgloria@sandiego.gov; myrtlecole@sandiego.gov; markkersey@sandiego.gov; chriscate@sandiego.gov; scottsherman@sandiego.gov; davidalvarez@sandiego.gov; martiemerald@sandiego.gov; cityattorney@sandiego.gov; lmangonon@sandiego.gov


Vacation Rentals Update

This is an important update on vacation rentals from Save San Diego Neighborhoods (SSDN). You may email ssdn@savesandiegoneighoods.org with questions.

“The City of San Diego will hold two meetings Wednesday on its short-term vacation rental draft ordinance. While both are open to the public, there will be limited time for comments.

Code Monitoring Team (CMT) Meeting
10:00-11:45 a.m.
Technical Advisory Committee
12:00-2:00 p.m.
Both on Wednesday, Oct. 14
Development Services Center / City Operations Building
1222 First Ave, San Diego, CA 92101
4th Floor Training Room

The draft proposal being considered is a poorly conceived ordinance that would legitimize mini-hotels in all residential areas in the City. It is opposed by Save San Diego Neighborhoods (SSDN), as well as the city-wide Community Planners Committee, which voted 24-3 against it on Sept. 22.

Both SSDN and the CPC are asking the City to enforce its current Municipal Code, which both groups – along with a growing number of land-use and legal experts – say prohibits STVR in residential areas.

Following the two meetings on Wednesday, the City’s Planning Committee will consider the draft ordinance on December 3. Everyone who can is urged to attend that meeting, also. Details will be released closer to the meeting, but please add it to your calendars now.

Please check http://www.SaveSanDiegoNeighborhoods.org in the coming days for updates in this critical period for those trying to protect their neighborhoods and homes from the proliferation of mini-hotels. In a nutshell, our numbers are growing, good things are happening, but we are still searching for a champion in City Hall to stand up and say: “Enforce the current Municipal Code and keep mini-hotels out of our residential areas.”

Also, be sure to sign our online petition asking the City to enforce its Municipal Code, and ask 5-10 of your friends to do the same. It will make a difference.”


Wednesday, March 18th
6:30-8:30 pm
4033 Ingraham St.
This Wednesday’s PB Town Council meeting will have someone speaking on future plans for a YMCA in Pacific Beach. (More about joint venture below)

As always, you’ll have an opportunity to make public comments. You will also hear reports and may ask questions of city, county, state and federal official’s representatives.

Pacific Beach YMCA Background:
Since 2009, Pacific Beach Middle school and the YMCA have been working to turn a gravel multi-purpose yard at the school into an aquatics center. The plan is to have the district pay for the construction of a new athletics field and parking, and to have the YMCA pay for the construction and maintenance of a new aquatics and community center. After talks began on the Pacific Beach effort, officials with the district and YMCA found a common need, and the “Pools for Schools” program was born.

Read more by clicking on the links below:
SD Unified to build Pools for Schools (UT- December 2014)

San Diego Unified, YMCA Want To Put Swimming Pools At Schools (KPBS – December 2014)

YMCA summer camps

PB Library Rummage Sale May 2nd

Annual Rummage Sale
Friends of PB Library

Saturday, May 2, 7:00 am to 2:00pm
PB Library

4275 Cass Street

You will find great bargains on all kinds of useful and unique items:
Antiques, Art Collectibles, Kitchenware, Glassware, Sporting Equipment,
Toys & Games, Decorative Items, Vacuums, Electronics, etc.
(No clothing or furniture)

All proceeds benefit the PB Library

Donations welcome!
Please bring your tax-deductible donations to the Pacific Beach Library between Monday, April 27 and Thursday, April 30th.

Library Hours:
Monday p:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Tuesday 11:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Wednesday 11:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Thursday 9:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Friday 9:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Saturday 9:30 – 3:00 p.m. (Exception for Rummage Sale)
Sunday – closed

PBTC Mtg, Wed, April 15, includes Vote on Vacation Rentals

PB Town Council to vote on Vacation Rental regulations this Wednesday

Pacific Beach Town Council Meeting
Wednesday, April 15, 6:30 pm
Crown Point Jr. Music Academy (4033 Ingraham St.)

The April PBTC meeting will include presentations on both sides of the short-term vacation rental issue and PBTC members will vote on proposed regulations.

Vote results will be submitted to the City Council’s Smart Growth and Land Use Committee, at their April 22nd, 9am meeting, where a potential City ordinance will be considered.

PBTC members of at least 30-days are eligible to vote. We encourage all concerned PB residents to join the PBTC, not only to vote on important issues, but to support the PBTC in their continued efforts to improve Pacific Beach.

Join or learn more at http://www.pbtowncouncil.org/

Read two recent Beach & Bay Press articles about vacation rentals in PB:
1. “Residents say short-term rentals are ruining PB neighborhoods,” March 26, 2015 
2. “Short-term rental proposal upsets residents,” April 9, 2015 

Should Vacation Rentals in Residential Zones be Regulated?

Did you know…

  • City code does not allow “visitor accommodations” in residential zones, but the City says short-term (<30 days) vacation rentals are not “visitor accommodations,” and therefore ARE allowed in residential zones?
  • The home next door to you can turn into a “mini-hotel” and there is nothing you can do about it?
  • In 2007, Pacific Beach had about 100 vacation rentals, now there are over 1600?

If you are concerned about these issues, please check out an important new group: SaveSanDiegoNeighborhoods.org believes that Neighborhoods are for Neighbors!

SaveSanDiegoNeighborhoods.org was recently formed by a group of residents from Pacific Beach, Clairemont and La Jolla, who want to protect our neighborhoods and communities from the negative impacts and rapid proliferation of short-term vacation rentals. This problem is affecting all of San Diego, not just the beach areas. Residents from Mission Hills, Point Loma and Ocean Beach are also organizing their communities in preparation for the April 22nd meeting of the City Council’s Smart Growth and Land Use Committee, where regulations for short-term rentals will be considered.

Visit http://www.savesandiegoneighborhoods.org/
To learn more about the short-term vacation rental issue and what you can do let your City Officials know your concerns.

PB Planning Oceanfront Strategic Plan

A SavePB.org Communication
October 8, 2011

Dear SavePB member,

You can help plan the future of our Oceanfront in Pacific Beach!

The Pacific Beach Planning Group (PBPG) is working on a Vision for future improvements of the PB Oceanfront between Grand Ave and Pacific Beach Dr. This will likely include circulation and parking, commercial land use, parks and open space, and community facilities and services.

PBPG Commercial and Residential Sub-committee
Special Meeting – South Pacific Beach Oceanfront Strategic Plan
Thursday, October 13, 2011
5:30pm – 7pm
1503 Grand Ave, 92109

I. Call to Order and Introductions (5-10 min)
II. Background: PB Community Plan, PBPG, historical perspective (10 min)
III. Developing a Vision and Goals (40 min)
IV. Strategies, Work plan, Next steps (20 min)