“Pacific Beach Street Guardians Provide Jobs for the Homeless”

Who are the Pacific Beach Street Guardians?
Below is an excerpt from an article published in the San Diego Free Press and written By Caryn Blanton

“Founded in October 2016, Pacific Beach Street Guardians (PBSG) is a non-profit (501c3) that functions as a social enterprise. Neighbors who are experiencing homelessness are hired to handle many different tasks, including:

Care for the streets, sidewalks, alleys, parking lots and beaches of our community. Perform janitorial/custodial work for local businesses, organizations, and residents. Provide event services (set up/take down and trash/recycling)

As a social enterprise, PBSG offers much more than a job – Team Members are given the opportunity to gain pride, purpose, stability, dignity, a path to self-sufficiency and hope. [Read More…]

Town Hall Discussion on Homelessness – Issues and Solutions

Come Press for Solutions to Homelessness!
Wednesday, October 26th, from 6 – 8pm
Town & Country Convention Center in Mission Valley

The goal of this town hall meeting is to draw attention to and press for solutions to homelessness – via a balanced discussion about homelessness that highlights the issues to residents, business owners, church leaders, homeless individuals and tourists.  We will also call on City and County Officials for the resources, tools, support, and funding needed to address these issues.  This event was organized with support from the PB Planning Group, PB Town Council, and Discover PB.  See the flyer below for the full list of sponsors.

The meeting will start with 30 minutes of presentations by Elvin Lai, CEO & Pres of Ocean Park Inn, and other selected individuals.  Topics will include issues in our communities, legal/enforcement issues and what is needed – outreach, safety ambassadors, funding, etc. The next 60 minutes will be an opportunity for community members to express their concerns/issues. The last 30 minutes will be for the city, state, and county officials to give their comments.  

Email questions to:  <homelesstownhallSD@gmail.com>

Homesless Town Hall Meeting_WEB_ 10_26_16.png

Captain’s Advisory Board

One of our own is serving on the recently-formed SDPD Northern Division Captain’s Advisory Board. What is the Captain’s Advisory Board?

The Captain’s Advisory Board was reinstated by our new Northern Division Police Captain, Jerry Hara. The Police Advisory Board is made up of officers and community members from the Northern Division. Our Northern Division is made up of neighborhoods including Bay Ho, Bay Park, Clairemont Mesa North, East and West, La Jolla, Mission Bay Park, Mission Beach, Torrey Pines, University City and Pacific Beach. There are over 20 people on the Board. Block Captains and residents from different areas.The purpose of the Board is to promote a 2-way dialog between the Police and residents about community issues. This helps our Police tailor their policing approach to our needs. Marcella Teran is our Representative. She was selected to participate on the Board because of her involvement in the Pacific Beach Neighborhood Watch (PB NW). Under her leadership, Neighborhood Watch groups in PB have grown from 13 to 53!