“Down with Deco” – community protests DecoBike

A bike ride on the boardwalk from Mission Beach to Pacific Beach was held on January 30th  to show support for renting locally and to protest some DecoBike locations. In particular, residents and businesses were protesting these locations:
• Installed on the boardwalk
• In front of or near local bike shops and businesses that also rent bikes.

A sizable crowd attending riding bikes provided by our local businesses.  More to com…

Background: The first bike sharing location arrived in San Diego in January of last year. For over a year prior, representatives from the City and DecoBike worked with Mission Beach and Pacific Beach community groups on how to integrate a bike share program. There were many meetings to vet issues including the impact on local small businesses, safety, convenience, parking and traffic congestion along with the needs of Deco Bikes to ensure a successful business model for bike share.


The DecoBike company simply ignored a list of acceptable locations which had already been agreed to.

City of San Diego 2016 Budget and Rose Creek | Friends of Rose Creek

The Friends of Rose Creek are asking you to convey your support for a survey of Rose Creek in the 2016 proposed budget.

Background: The Proposed Fiscal Year 2016 budget for the City of San Diego contains funding to survey the Pacific Beach portion of Rose Creek with the goal of  parkland dedication. However, Assessor Parcel Numbers (APN) are required for the City to dedicate parks and unfortunately, much of the creek is missing APNs. Surveying will resolve this road block and allow Mayor Faulconer to proceed with parkland dedication — an effort he has supported since he represented Pacific Beach on the city council.

Please send you email and ask:

  • Please support retaining budget item “Rose creek Survey for Parkland Dedication” listed on page 326 of Attachment B; Attachment 3: FY 2016 – 2020 Discretionary Operational Needs” under Transportation and Storm Water – Storm water in the City of San Diego’s Proposed 2016 Fiscal Year Budget.
  • The Pacific Beach Community Plan updated in 1995  calls to “designate the Rose Creek inlet and flood control channel as open space, and further develop the area adjacent to the floodway as a linear parkway with native riparian landscaping, pedestrian and bicycle paths” (Page 68).
  • Dedicating the Rose Creek Salt Marsh and Estuary is one piece in numerous active planning efforts, including the Mission Bay Gateway project, San Diego Audubon wetlands restoration planning efforts, and the  City’s own Transit Oriented Development project encompassing the area from Rose Creek to the proposed Mid-Coast Trolley Station  on Balboa Avenue.

Feel free to copy and paste the bullet points. If you want more details on the project to create Lower Rose Creek park, click here.

Click on here to open a pre-addressed email to Lori Zapf. Then copy the bullet points above into the email. Sign with your name and address so the city council knows you are a real life constituent.

Then send a quick thank you to Mayor Kevin Faulconer for including this important item in his proposed budget.

Please send the email A.S.A.P. Let’s not lose this now that we’ve come so close.

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