Alcohol License Issues

Click here for a timeline showing activities for Pacific Beach on Alcohol License Issues and Policies – Feb2015

Alcohol Policy and Crime in San Diego – An update on the Problems and Solutions:  January 26, 2014

“This collection of materials has been assembled to provide and overview of alcohol-business policies and related crime issues throughout San Diego, and to offer a sampling of solution that have been successful in other California cities…”  The full report can be found here.

“There is rising community concern over the number of alcohol-licensed businesses in Pacific Beach, the trend for more and more restaurants to function like bars, the high alcohol-related and general crime, the high number of DUIs, and other negative impacts to public safety, to the community and to residents’ quality of life.” This is an excerpt from the *PB Planning Group’s summary report dated February 23, 2011:

Alcohol License Policies and Issues in Pacific Beach   

If you would like to urge the City of San Diego to adopt Conditional Use Permit (CUP) and Deemed Approved (DAO) Ordinances* for Pacific Beach, you can print the attached petition and gather signatures.  Mail completed petitions to Scott Chipman, 2247 Emerald St. SD, CA 92109.

Petition for a Conditional Use Permit Ordinance (CUP)

*The Pacific Beach Planning Group (PBPG) is tasked with carrying out the Pacific Beach Community Plan, adopted in 1995.  The PBPG is a city-recognized and regulated board.