“Too many vehicles, not enough spaces”,–whether you live in a house, condo or apartment, finding on-street parking in your neighborhood is likely to be a problem.  Competing with PB residents are large numbers of visitors that need access to where they shop, play and work. The reasons for the parking shortage and the impacts of the shortages are varied and complicated.

  • The City’s general plan continues to boost the housing density requirement to meet the needs of an increasing population
  • Building codes do not require adequate parking for high density structures
  • It takes too much time to get around the City on public transportation
  • Many existing residential garages are not used for the resident’s cars but are used for storage or work areas instead.
  • Vehicles are illegally parked in crosswalks, driveways, alleys and in front yards


The PB Planning Group has a subcommittee focusing on traffic flow, street conditions and stop sign requests.  Join or attend their monthly meetings. Meeting are held at the Discover PB Office (1503 Garnet Ave) on the 3rd Thursday of the Month at 5:00PM. Click here for more information->  PBPG Parking and Traffic Subcommittee

Background: The San Diego City Council has adopted a Neighborhood Parking Protection Ordinance that restricts overnight parking (2am to 6am) of recreational, non-motorized and oversized vehicles. The ordinance became effective on August 17th with citations to be written beginning on September 1st and it includes the following vehicles:

  • Recreational vehicles* (may be parked with a permit)
  • Non-motorized vehicles (cargo trailer, trailer bus, fifth-wheels*, etc.)
  • Oversized vehicles (greater than 27′ long AND 7′ high)

*Recreational Vehicles are defined in the CA code as “any camp trailer, camper, trailer coach, or house car…” Or “any boat, dune buggy, all-terrain vehicle or other motorized or towed vehicle designed, maintained or used primarily for recreational purposes.”  The ordinance also prohibits any of these vehicles from parking within 50 feet of an intersection or alley at ANYTIME. Click here for a OVO guidelines and for FAQs


  1. Obtain the license number and make/model of the vehicle.
  2. Report the vehicle to the Vehicle Abatement by calling 858 495-7856.Ask for an “Incident number” and make a note of it.
  3. Encourage other neighbors to report the vehicle
  4. When the vehicle is given a “Warning” tag, the owner has 72 hours to move the vehicle or be subject to a citation and the vehicle can be towed.
  5. If after one week the vehicle is not moved and you don’t see a “Warning” tag, call Vehicle Abatement again.

City pothole crews now visit each council district two times per month. For an entire day, crews take care of potholes already reported to the City and those they find along the way from neighborhood to neighborhood in the individual district.  If you need to report a pothole call (619) 527-7500 or use the online Service Request system.


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