Short-term Vacation Rentals

WHAT is the issue?
Commercial businesses in the form of mini-hotels, sometimes called Short Term Vacation Rentals (STVR), are proliferating in neighborhoods that are zoned for non-commercial, single-family dwelling use only.

WHY should you care?
This problem is not confined to the beach and coastal areas.  The problem is spreading across the city. With STVR comes noise, overflowing trash cans, strangers coming and going from the neighborhood, drunken parties late at night during the week as well as weekends and numerous other nuisances.

WHO is working on this issue?
Save San Diego Neighborhoods is a non-profit, grassroots organization of San Diego homeowners who believe that STVRs are a threat to the fabric of our communities and that the city is not enforcing the Municipal Code regarding these STVRs in our neighborhoods. Some of us have been fighting this battle for almost a decade.

Tactics and strategies
With a huge push from citizens such as us, the city is finally drafting regulations to control STVR. We continue to work with the city. We also intend to follow a legal strategy that may include asking the courts to tell the city to enforce the Municipal Code as we seek to rid our communities of these destructive commercial entities. It may sound extreme, but we are moderate people who have exhausted all our other options.

HOW can you help? Go to the SSDN website and:

  • Donate at the address at the bottom of their webpage
  • Sign the online petition asking the City of San Diego to simply enforce its current Municipal Code
  • Write/email City Council members and the Mayor. They ultimately will make the final decision. Their email addresses are to the right on this page and the City’s website with their contact information is