Problem Solver Directory


NON-EMERGENCY: (619) 531-2000 or (858) 484-3154
(Program this number into your home and cell phones.)


Captain Tina Williams -Email:

Lieutenant Erwin Manansala- Email:

Community Relations Officer (CRO) Larry Hesselgesser
Don’t wait until crimes occur, accidents happen, or problems get out of control. Raise your concerns with our CRO!
Phone: (858) 552-1631


Use your Smart Phone to report non-emergency problems to the City, e.g. graffiti, pothole, street light, traffic signal, storm water, street repair, abandoned vehicle, dead animal and more!  Get It Done San Diego is the official app for reporting non-emergency problems to the City of San Diego. You can report problems like potholes or graffiti and connect directly to the City’s work tracking system. Walking down the street and see a problem? Take a photo and upload it from home or while still nearby. Get It Done San Diego will automatically update the problem report with information about where the photo was taken. Please download the app from AppleStore or Google Play, “GET IT DONE SAN DIEGO”. 

You may also report the problem online at Get It Done San Diego  -OR-  Call the phone numbers shown below.

Neighborhood Noise and Other Nuisances:  
Strive to have open lines of communication with all your neighbors. Discuss your concerns about noise violations or other problems. If no improvement:

  1. Every time a nuisance occurs, call the SDPD Non-Emergency number and ask for an incident number: 619 531-2000 or (858) 484-3154
  2. Keep a log of nuisance activities.
  3. Be persistent and consistent!
  4. If problems continue, read about the Community Assisted Party Program (CAPP) on the City’s website. (Go to and search for CAPP).
  5. For For more information on CAPP or guidance through the process contact SDPD Volunteer, Bob Harvey,

Problem with a local bar or liquor store, e.g. selling to minors, vandalism, public urination, excessive noise, fights, etc.  File complaints with (Provide date and where the alcohol is sold.):

  • Call Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) – (619) 525-4064
  • Lodge complaint online:
  • Call SDPD Vice – 619-531-2973

Graffiti: Record location, date, photograph, report and then remove!

  1. Report with smart phone app, Get It Done San Diego, -OR- online with the location, date and a photo.  Click here-> Graffiti 
  2. If the graffiti is located on,
    • public property, report it immediately to the Graffiti Control Program (above).
    • commercial property, report it to the business.
    • private property, notify the resident.
    • your property, remove it immediately!
  3. Try to remove the graffiti with a solvent and rag (wear gloves), e.g. Goof Off Graffiti Remover. If you need to paint it out, try to match the existing color. Use a razor blade scraper for removing stickers on glass, signs, benches, etc.
  4. URBAN CORP may also remove graffiti. Phone 619-235-6884 with the location and date.


  • RVs and boats parked overnight (ref: OVO H.O.): (619) 531-2000
  • Abandoned vehicles: (858) 495-7856
  1. Provide license number and car make/model of vehicle.
  2. If after 1 week the vehicle is not moved and you don’t see a ticket, call again.


2-1-1: A national dialing code for free, 24-hour County specific, health, disaster information, and more, e.g. wildfire emergency updates, suicide hotlines, etc.  Phone: (Dial) 211

Abandoned Vehicles:
In public view on private or public property or on a City street.
Phone: 858 495-4956
Online form: 72 hour abondoned vehicle

Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC):
Jennifer Hill, District Administrator
Phone: 619) 525-4064

Animal Removal: Phone: (858) 694-7000
Please do not put dead animals in refuse collection containers. To request the removal of a dead animal from the public right-of-way, call Environmental Services.

California Highway Patrol:  Phone(858) 467-3300

Child Abuse Hotline: Phone: (858) 560-2191
Call if you suspect that a child is being abused. Someone will investigate and contact the parents—with no assumption of guilt.

Citizens’ Assistance Program: Phone: (619) 236-5555
Operates the City Information Center in the lobby of the City Administration Building, 202 C Street, and maintains the Citizen Services Directory, a searchable database of phone numbers and addresses of City departments, programs, and agencies.

Code Compliance (NCCD): Phone: (619) 236-5500  Online report form:
Report suspected code violations or dangerous conditions. For example:

  • unstable structures and signs,
  • noise that disturbs at least three separate households,
  • non-permitted construction
  • garages converted to living area without permit or used for business purposes.
  • public right-of-way issues

Community Assisted Party Program (CAPP): Late night and loud parties are disruptive to neighbors and generate complaints that require valuable police resources.  CAPP is a partnership between the police and residents.  For more information or guidance through the process:
Email SDPD Volunteer, Bob Harvey,

Curb Painting:  Phone: (619) 533-3126  White, Blue, Red, Green

Drug Dealing: Phone: (619) 533-5675
Call the Drug Abatement Response Team (DART) to report prostitution, gangs or drug dealing. 

Elder Abuse: Phone: (800) 510-2020 24-Hour Reporting Line

Environmental Services: Phone: (858) 694-7000

  • Dead Animal Removal
  • Large items left in alleys, e.g. sofa, refrigerator.

Gang Activity: Phone: (619) 533-5675
Call the Drug Abatement Response Team (DART) to report prostitution, gangs or drug dealing.

Household Hazardous Waste Disposal: Phone: (858) 694-7000
Miramar Landfill facilities is open on Saturdays to those with appointments only.
Call Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm, for an appointment.
More information is available online in a brochure (see below).

Online Brochure:

Neighborhood Crime Alerts: Sign up to receive recent crime alerts in your neighborhood. (replaced eWatch)

Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol (R.S.V.P.):
Would you like someone to check your home when you are on vacation, having your house tented or to check on a shut-in? R.S.V.P. will also cite disabled parking violators.   Call 2 weeks in advance when possible. 
Phone: (858) 552-1737

Street Maintenance: Phone: (619) 527-7500 Online: Get It Done San Diego.

  • Pot Holes
  • Street Lights: Broken/Burned Out
  • Curb Maintenance

Trash: Phone: (858) 492-5055 (There may be a wait for a representative.)

  • Uncollected containers
  • Illegal dumping
  • Overflowing dumpsters

Water & Sewer Emergency:  Phone: 619-515-3525