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Exciting Changes Ahead for Mission Bay Park!

Mission Bay Park is a great park – It can be even better! This area welcomes local San Diegans and visitors each day who enjoy the park’s facilities and the natural beauty of the surroundings. The Mission Bay Gateway project seeks to connect and enhance these facilities while also expanding and protecting the Mission Bay marshlands and bird sanctuaries. Bike Paths and parks will be extended and new amenities like pools, sports fields, and a restaurant will be added for the community and visitors to enjoy. The result will be an environmental, recreational, and educational destination at the heart of Mission Bay.  Learn more at the website:  Mission Bay Gateway 

Mission Bay Park Gateway Area Map




Oversized Vehicles on City Street Ordinance Proposal

The parking of oversize vehicles (i.e., RVs, boats, trailers) on city streets has been a long-time concern for many residents of Pacific Beach and other San Diego communities.  In 2008 two proposals were brought to the City Council for consideration.  Due to budgetary constraints the item was tabled and never voted on.  

In response to the feedback the Councilmember has heard from many of the local community groups in District 2, Councilmember Faulconer is bringing an ordinance for consideration to the Land Use and Housing Committee on November 28th at 2:00pm to address this issue.  You may voice your opinion about this ordinance by attending the meeting on November 28th at 2:00pm.  The meeting is located at 202 West C Street on the 12th floor in Committee Chambers. 

The ordinance will prohibit the parking of Recreational Vehicles as defined as: 

  • Camp trailers (California Vehicle Code Section 242) 
  • Fifth-wheel travel trailers (California Vehicle Code Section 324) 
  • House cars (California Vehicle Code Section 362) 
  • Trailer coaches (California Vehicle Code Section 635) 
  • Mobile homes (California Vehicle Code Section 396) Recreation vehicles (California Health & Safety Code Section 18010) 
  • Folding camper trailers 

on public streets from 10:00pm-6:00am, unless an individual has a permit displayed. Only residents or a resident’s guest will be able to have a permit. The permit will be good for 72 hours, and residents will be only to receive a maximum of 24 permits/year. The permit is designed for residents who are preparing for travel, etc.

The next update will explain the process of review and approval.

City Trash Cans and Scavenging

Did you know that city code requires everyone to pull their trash and recycle bins in by 6pm on trash day?

It may seem like a silly city rule that you have to bring your bins in and not leave them out but actually the rule is rooted in the “broken window theory” which is a really an important principle for reducing crime in neighborhoods. 

The principle is, if a neighborhood looks unkempt with trash, graffiti and broken windows, it tends to increase the likelihood that people will leave more trash, do more graffiti and commit further crime. 

So, it’s been shown over and over again that if you keep you neighborhood clean and neat and take care of trash and take care of graffiti that you will discourage crime, litter, vandalism and things like that. 

City of San Diego Municipal Code Section 66.0105:

  • Containers should be stored in a secured location not visible from public right-of-way, such as behind a fence, in your backyard, or in your garage. 
  • Container Set-out: To ensure collection, all containers must be placed at designated point of collection by 6 a.m. on your scheduled collection day. Set the container on the street or alley, wheels against the curb and with the handle facing your home.
  • Container Removal: All containers must be removed from your designated point of collection by 6 p.m. on your scheduled collection day. 
  • To report damaged, lost or stolen containers, to request an additional container, or for general questions about trash and recycling collection, please call the Environmental Services Department at 858-694-7000.

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You are viewing the beta version of our new website.  We made major improvements to the design and navigation to make it easier for you to find the information you need. We plan to launch the new site in late January 2012.  Your comments are welcome on the design, content, functionality and accessibility of our new website.

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Attention: All Who Love Pacific Beach and Want to Make it Safer and Better!

Rally and Walk for a Safer PB
Friday, January 27, 5:30 pm

Meet on the Ocean Boardwalk just south of Crystal Pier
(Walk should be finished by 6:30 pm)

It’s a new year and looking back over the last few years, it is clear that Pacific Beach has made tremendous strides toward reaching its full potential as the gem of San Diego that we all know it is.   However, problems in our business district have always been at the top of our SavePB surveys, and we believe 2012 is the year we will finally be able to fix those problems.  Here is an event that will get us on our way toward achieving that goal!

If you have ever been concerned about:

  • Too many bars
  • Too many DUI
  • And high crime

In our PB business district, this is a MUST ATTEND event! Continue reading

Support Police With Bicycle Lights & Sirens

A SavePB.org Communication
November 8, 2011

PAESAN-Police-Fundraiser Flyer

Contributing to the Police Bicycle Resource Program is a good way to help our police officers enforce the law and deter crime in Pacific Beach.

According to police, a few weeks ago at about 12:30 a.m. on a Friday, officers spotted a white Toyota near Dawes and Missouri streets that was reported to have been used in at least three similar robberies there. Two men armed with knives, including a women driver, were apprehended. Police officers were able to approach the suspects unnoticed on their bikes.

Police say that bikes are effective tools to provide stealth as well as place them on the street interfacing with the public. However, our Northern Division police cannot use all of their bikes because they are short on necessary equipment.

Continue reading


The Pacific Beach Tuesday Farmers’ Market is partnering with Pacific Beach schools to help our kids!

Farmers’ market operators SD Weekly Markets and Discover Pacific Beach will rebate 5% of every dollar spent at the market from Tuesday, October 25th through Tuesday, November 29th to the school of your choice!

  1. Shop at the market every Tuesday, from 2 pm to 6:30 pm, on Bayard Street from Garnet to Hornblend. More than 60 farmers and vendors offer locally grown fruits and vegetables, grass fed beef, fish, eggs, cheese and coffee beans, fresh-baked bread, peanut butter and more.
  2. Tell farmers and vendors when you purchase that you need school tickets (one for each dollar spent).
  3. Bring those tickets to the Information Booth on Bayard Street near Garnet and deposit them in your favorite school’s jar. The market will donate funds to your school’s PTO.

Added incentives:
The school that has the largest total at the end November will receive an additional donation.

Promotions throughout the month will offer opportunities for classes to win insulated shopping bags, t-shirts and more.

Watch for fun and educational activities for kids.

More information:
Pacific Beach Tuesday Farmers’ Market
Friends of PB Secondary Schools

Shop at New Farmers Market & Help Schools

A SavePB.org Communication
October 27, 2011

Dear SavePB Member,


The Pacific Beach Tuesday Farmers’ Market is partnering with Pacific Beach schools to help our kids!

Farmers’ market operators SD Weekly Markets and Discover Pacific Beach will rebate 5% of every dollar spent at the market from Tuesday, October 25th through Tuesday, November 29th to the school of your choice!

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