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PB Library Rummage Sale May 2nd

Annual Rummage Sale
Friends of PB Library

Saturday, May 2, 7:00 am to 2:00pm
PB Library

4275 Cass Street

You will find great bargains on all kinds of useful and unique items:
Antiques, Art Collectibles, Kitchenware, Glassware, Sporting Equipment,
Toys & Games, Decorative Items, Vacuums, Electronics, etc.
(No clothing or furniture)

All proceeds benefit the PB Library

Donations welcome!
Please bring your tax-deductible donations to the Pacific Beach Library between Monday, April 27 and Thursday, April 30th.

Library Hours:
Monday p:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Tuesday 11:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Wednesday 11:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Thursday 9:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Friday 9:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Saturday 9:30 – 3:00 p.m. (Exception for Rummage Sale)
Sunday – closed

Tell City Council What You Think about Vacation Rentals!

Please Come to this Important Meeting on Short-term Vacation Rentals!

City Council – Smart Growth and Land Use Committee Meeting
Wednesday, April 22, 8:30am to noon
City Administration Bldg.
202 C Street, 92101
(12th Floor, City Council Chambers)

This City Council Committee needs to hear from residents about how vacation rentals impact our community and our quality of life, and how we want them regulated.
The Committee will be discussing and voting on ways to regulate short-term (less than 30 days) vacation rentals. This Committee is composed of 4 Council Members: Chair Lorie Zapf, David Alvarez, Todd Gloria, and Scott Sherman. This is the beginning of a process that will eventually result in proposed ordinances being brought to the full City Council.

Link to Agenda: http://docs.sandiego.gov/ccagenda_sglu/sglu150422.pdf

What You Can Do:
* Come to the meeting to show your concern. Speak if you wish.
* Email your comments to City Officials (email address block below)
* Forward this email to friends and neighbors
* Visit SaveSanDiegoNeighborhoods.org to get more information
* Review the City’sIndependent Budget Analysis on Short-Term Rentals

We know it’s a hardship to take time off from work to attend a meeting like this. However, it is really important for City Council Members to hear how vacation rentals affect us and the community. So, please come to the meeting and bring your neighbors. If you cannot attend, please make sure to email your comments to City Officials.

Email your comments to the Mayor, City Council, City Attorney and Liezl Mangonon (Lorie Zapf’s aide), and keep sending comments in the weeks and months to come.

kevinfaulconer@sandiego.gov; sherrilightner@sandiego.gov; loriezapf@sandiego.gov; toddgloria@sandiego.gov; myrtlecole@sandiego.gov; markkersey@sandiego.gov; chriscate@sandiego.gov; scottsherman@sandiego.gov; davidalvarez@sandiego.gov; martiemerald@sandiego.gov; cityattorney@sandiego.gov; lmangonon@sandiego.gov


Pacific Beach Town Council 8th Annual Graffiti Clean-Up
Saturday, May 2nd, 9am to noon
PB Presbyterian Church (1675 Garnet Ave.)

Every year, volunteers at this event remove hundreds of graffiti tags and really make a positive difference in our community.

Training and supplies will be provided!  

Each year volunteers get rid of about 1000 tags in just a few hours.  Since this annual event began, we have seen a significant reduction in graffiti in Pacific Beach.  

And when graffiti does occur, the people we have trained  are much more likely to remove it quickly, which further discourages the taggers.  This event builds pride in our community and gives everyone a sense of satisfaction as they “take-back” and beautify Pacific Beach.  

Students can earn community service hours (under 18 must have waiver signed by parent.)

Contact the PBTC if you have questions or need more information:

www.pbtowncouncil.org     general@pbtowncouncil.org     (858) 483-6666  

PBTC Mtg, Wed, April 15, includes Vote on Vacation Rentals

PB Town Council to vote on Vacation Rental regulations this Wednesday

Pacific Beach Town Council Meeting
Wednesday, April 15, 6:30 pm
Crown Point Jr. Music Academy (4033 Ingraham St.)

The April PBTC meeting will include presentations on both sides of the short-term vacation rental issue and PBTC members will vote on proposed regulations.

Vote results will be submitted to the City Council’s Smart Growth and Land Use Committee, at their April 22nd, 9am meeting, where a potential City ordinance will be considered.

PBTC members of at least 30-days are eligible to vote. We encourage all concerned PB residents to join the PBTC, not only to vote on important issues, but to support the PBTC in their continued efforts to improve Pacific Beach.

Join or learn more at http://www.pbtowncouncil.org/

Read two recent Beach & Bay Press articles about vacation rentals in PB:
1. “Residents say short-term rentals are ruining PB neighborhoods,” March 26, 2015 
2. “Short-term rental proposal upsets residents,” April 9, 2015 

Should Vacation Rentals in Residential Zones be Regulated?

Did you know…

  • City code does not allow “visitor accommodations” in residential zones, but the City says short-term (<30 days) vacation rentals are not “visitor accommodations,” and therefore ARE allowed in residential zones?
  • The home next door to you can turn into a “mini-hotel” and there is nothing you can do about it?
  • In 2007, Pacific Beach had about 100 vacation rentals, now there are over 1600?

If you are concerned about these issues, please check out an important new group: SaveSanDiegoNeighborhoods.org believes that Neighborhoods are for Neighbors!

SaveSanDiegoNeighborhoods.org was recently formed by a group of residents from Pacific Beach, Clairemont and La Jolla, who want to protect our neighborhoods and communities from the negative impacts and rapid proliferation of short-term vacation rentals. This problem is affecting all of San Diego, not just the beach areas. Residents from Mission Hills, Point Loma and Ocean Beach are also organizing their communities in preparation for the April 22nd meeting of the City Council’s Smart Growth and Land Use Committee, where regulations for short-term rentals will be considered.

Visit http://www.savesandiegoneighborhoods.org/
To learn more about the short-term vacation rental issue and what you can do let your City Officials know your concerns.

Let’s Keep All of Pacific Beach Safe for Everyone

Please attend this meeting to demand solutions that will prevent and reduce crime:
“San Diego Police Presentation on 2014 Crime in San Diego”
Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods Committee (SD City Council)
Wednesday, Feb 25th, 2:00 pm
City Hall, 202 C Street, 12th Floor

The good news is that from 2013 to 2014, crime went down about 2% overall in San Diego and our San Diego Police have been doing an outstanding job! Unfortunately, violent crime has increased in some areas.

Most of us feel safe in our community of Pacific Beach, and rightly so because our residential neighborhoods have very little violent crime. However, the same cannot be said of certain areas in our business district.

Violent crime in Pacific Beach increased 14% from 2013 to 2014. Total violent crimes went from 189 to 216, and rapes went from 10 to 18. Crime stats by community are available at ARJIS.org  or click on Crime Data tables here: Crime San Diego 2014 and Crime San Diego 2013 

Most of these violent crimes are alcohol-fueled assaults occurring in areas of our business district that are concentrated with bars and bar-like restaurants operating with business models reliant on maximum sales of alcohol and over-serving. This often results in over-intoxicated patrons, who go out into our community and commit crimes ranging from assault, rape and DUI to vandalism and negative impacts on residents’ quality of life.

In 2014, the top six communities for violent crime were East Village, Pacific Beach, North Park, Logan Heights, Gaslamp and Hillcrest – all but one have nightlife/entertainment-oriented business districts filled with bars and bar-like restaurants. Pacific Beach also carries the burden of having more DUIs and citations for public urination than any other community in San Diego.

The bottom line of the Police report will likely be that crime is going down. And we should applaud our police for doing such an excellent job. But our police have been given an impossible task because enforcement alone cannot solve the high crime in our business districts. We also need effective crime prevention measures. The City needs to adopt policies that will prevent the poor business practices that result in high crime, while maintaining safe, vibrant and healthy business districts.

Mayor Faulconer has said multiple times, “Safe neighborhoods are our first priority” and Police Chief Zimmerman has said recently, “We would rather prevent crime than pick up after it.” We need to ask our City Officials, “Why is crime going up in our community and what are we going to do to reverse it?” “Why are we allowing these high-crime business districts to drain police resources from other communities and squander taxpayer dollars?” “Why aren’t we taking measures to prevent the problem business practices that are causing the high crime?”

We need to demand that our City, not Sacramento/ABC, be in control of how and where late-night alcohol businesses operate. Our City needs to adopt the land-use policy solutions used successfully by scores of other California cities to prevent and reduce crime by regulating late-night alcohol businesses operations, such as:

  1. An ordinance that grandfathers in existing alcohol businesses as long as they remain law-abiding operators; 
  2. An ordinance that requires new businesses that serve alcohol past 11pm to obtain a conditional use permit with conditions to prevent problematic operations that lead to crime;
  3. All alcohol businesses pay a reasonable, sliding scale cost-recovery fee to fund police enforcement, monitoring and education to prevent problematic operations and crime.

What You Can Do
Attend Wednesday’s meeting –
 Tell your personal stories about how the crime and quality of life impacts have affected you.  Express your outrage at the violent crime, DUI, public drunkenness and other negative impacts that result from the bad business operations.  Demand the City adopt the above land-use policies to provide City control, not Sacramento/ABC control, over how alcohol-licensed businesses operate. (If you do not wish to speak, you can cede your time to others who need extra time.)

Email your comments to the Mayor, City Council, Police Chief and City Attorney: 
kevinfaulconer@sandiego.gov; sherrilightner@sandiego.gov; loriezapf@sandiego.gov; toddgloria@sandiego.gov; myrtlecole@sandiego.gov;  markkersey@sandiego.gov; chriscate@sandiego.gov; scottsherman@sandiego.gov; davidalvarez@sandiego.gov; martiemerald@sandiego.gov; sdpdpolicechief@pd.sandiego.gov; cityattorney@sandiego.gov

(PSLN Committee members are Marti Emerald (Chair), Chris Cate, Todd Gloria and Myrtle Cole, but all of these city officials need to hear our concerns)

For more information contact Scott Chipman at scott@chipman.info

Vacation Rentals – Issues & Solutions, Saturday, 1/31, 10:00 to Noon at PB Library

Should vacation rentals be regulated in PB? 

Please attend this Saturday’s meeting if you are concerned about Short-term Vacation Rentals in Residential Zones in Pacific Beach.

PBPG Vacation Rental Subcommittee Meeting
Saturday, January 31, 2015
10:00 am to Noon at PB Library (4275 Cass St.)

The Pacific Beach Planning Group (PBPG) is examining issues and solutions related to short-term vacation rentals, particularly their proliferation and impacts in the single-family zones. This is the fourth subcommittee meeting and will focus on proposed solutions.

The next step: This issue will go before the full PBPG in an upcoming special community meeting (date TBD), after which PBPG recommendations will be forwarded to the City. Our Council Member, Lorie Zapf, has expressed her concern and desire to protect our neighborhoods, but this is a controversial issue and will require strong community participation to achieve effective solutions.

Let your voice be heard - Email your comments to:
Council Member Lorie Zapf: loriezapf@sandiego.gov
her aide, Liezl Mangonon: lmangonon@sandiego.gov
the PB Planning Group:  board@pbplanning.org

Vacation Rentals – Issues & Solutions, Saturday, 1/10, 11:30 to 1:30 at PB Library

Please attend this Saturday’s meeting if you are concerned about Short-term Vacation Rentals in Residential Zones in Pacific Beach.

PBPG Vacation Rental Subcommittee Meeting
Saturday, January 10, 2015
11:30 am to 1:30 pm at PB Library (4275 Cass St.)

The Pacific Beach Planning Group (PBPG) is examining issues and solutions related to short-term vacation rentals, particularly their proliferation and impacts in the single-family zones.

Please attend this meeting to find out more, to share your concerns, and to explore solutions.
If you are unable to attend, email your comments to the PBPG at board@pbplanning.org
To get copies of meeting documents and receive notice of future meetings, contact committee chair Jim Krokee at jokrokee11@msn.com

Vacation Rentals – Beach & Bay Press Article

On December 6th, the Pacific Beach Planning Group (PBPG) examined issues and solutions related to short-term vacation rentals, particularly their proliferation and impacts in the single-family zones.  Below is an article from the Beach and Bay Press about the December meeting:

Short-term vacation rentals remains divisive issue between residents, operators

Thursday, December 11, 2014, beachandbaypress.com

By Dave Schwab

Short-term vacation rental operators and residents concerned about them participated in a Dec. 6 subcommittee meeting in Pacific Beach, with residents insisting they don’t belong in single-family neighborhoods and operators agreeing to “reasonable” regulations governing them.

A Short-Term Vacation Rental (STVR) Subcommittee has been established by the Pacific Beach Planning Group (PBPG) to meet with stakeholders to come up with workable recommendations on regulating STVRs. Some PB residents feel the proliferation of STVRs brings noise, traffic, parking and other problems that need to be dealt with.

“I’ve gotten a hundred emails complaining about STVRs being a nuisance,” noted subcommittee chairman Jim Krokee, who added the first STVR subcommittee meeting a month ago produced “two polarized points of view, one that people don’t want them in single family neighborhoods and the other that there should be a permit, ordinance or something to help control vacation rentals, which should be allowed to occur throughout the city.”

Krokee said the objective of the subcommittee is to come up with workable recommendations from stakeholders to address growing noise and other problems associated with vacation rentals.

“It’s (STVRs) becoming a big issue,” he added. “It’s important for the city to start thinking about what we do with vacation rentals.”

Krokee iterated that he felt it’s “absolutely imperative that we need a permit (system) to minimize (STVR) nuisance impacts.”

Vacation-rental industry reps weren’t in disagreement with the notion of a permit system or more regulations. But they did caution against “singling out” short-term rentals.

“A permitting process should have fees used across the board to enforce noise and other issues for all rentals, not just short-term rentals,” said one STVR industry rep.

PBPG chair Brian Curry said STVR issues now being vetted at the subcommittee level will be forwarded for a final decision to the whole planning group, adding the real power to change regulations governing them “lies with the mayor and City Council.”

“Just like the Oversize Vehicle Ordinance (OVO), the City Council likes to do things citywide,” noted Curry. “It’s great to see the community involved in issues that are facing us.”

Neighbors pointed out new regulations governing STVRs need to have teeth.

“The key to what we do with an ordinance is enforcement,” pointed out one resident. “We need to develop a source of revenue dedicated to enforcing whatever regulations you have in place. Eventually, you can have an ordinance which outlines specifically what disciplinary actions
can be taken against (STVR) property owners/managers.”

Resident Marcie Becket argued the number of short-term rentals in Pacific Beach has been growing significantly, adding to already-vexing problems of noise, overcrowding and lack of parking. “Vacation rentals are also causing long-term residents to move away, degrading our quality of life,” she said, arguing that STVRs crowd out “vested” residents who send their kids to local schools and contribute to the community’s long-term well being.

“This is an evolving dialogue,” noted subcommittee member Scott Chipman.

“Hopefully, we can finalize suggestions to present to the full PBPG in February,” said Krokee, suggesting stakeholders bring something to eat at the subcommittee’s next meeting Saturday, Jan. 10 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the Pacific Beach/Taylor Branch Library.