Neighborhood Watch

It’s Easy to Start a Neighborhood Watch!

Neighborhood Watch is a vital part of a peaceful & safe community:

  • Neighborhood Watch enables residents to take effective action to stop nuisances such as party houses, noise, litter, illegal parking, etc.
  • Neighbors become the eyes and ears of the police to help reduce crime in their neighborhood.
  • Block Captains form a close relationship with police, contact them directly about what is going on and get quicker responses
  • A network of Neighborhood Watch groups allows coordinated efforts on community-wide issues.
  • Residents get to know their neighbors and have fun parties!

In Pacific Beach we are fortunate to have a Neighborhood Watch liason that works with our SDPD Community Relations officer (CRO).  Together, they will help you get started and help you maintain your Neighborhood Watch group.


Talk to your Neighbors. Are they dissatisfied with any situations in your neighborhood?  Do they want to improve the quality of life in your neighborhood?  Do they want to get to know their neighbors better?

If there is an interest, contact us and we’ll help you get started. 

All it takes is a 1-hour neighborhood meeting.

Still not sure?
Don’t worry about the number of people in your group. When you meet new neighbors they talk to their neighbors and your group will grow. 

You can find useful information on this website  

E-mail us. We are happy to help!


When we know our neighbors, our neighborhood is safer!